Youtube Premium : Top Feature Rolling Out.

Youtube is the household name today. The video sharing platform is at the top of the game of steaming media. YouTube has always supported its creaters and takes not less efforts to satisfy users. Today we are going to know about the new update from YouTube, that is youtube premium and also we will learn how to get youtube premium free.

The boom in streaming media made Netflix, Amazon prime household names. These platforms are providing and creating there own content to attract users. They provide the premium membership to users and show them exclusive content, some platforms also provide Ads free steraming media for users. The same is true of youtube premium service.

Like most of these services provide free trials to user, google is also providing youtube premium free for one month. we are going to talk about so many thing about this in this article so read it completely.

YouTube Premium Free
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What is youtube premium ?

like we have discussed it preiously and we know that this is new service which youtube has rolled out to provide some premium features to its users.

What are some features of youtube premium membership?

There are two sections for the users to go for while selecting the membership. One is YouTube Videos Membersip and Music Membership. These both can be accessed together or you can buy music alone as per your convenience.

There are some features that YouTube promise to provide are.

Features rolling out for YouTube Video Premium Membership:

No Ads : Yes you can now get ads free content on YouTube with the premium membership. If you are not a fan of ads then this can be a great relief for you.
YouTube in Background: I was always looking for this feature. Its is uneasy sometimes for users to switch between the apps while playing youtube videos. With this update you can play youtube videos in background and Even switch between apps.
Download Videos : you can now download the videos and play them later while you are not having access to free wifi or fast internet. Simply put, when you are offline.
New ,Original and Exclusive video content: This is a major feature we can consider for youtube premium. Now youtube will be showing its own content for the users just like Netflix and Amazon Prime.

So these where some of the main features for The YouTube Premium membership for Videos.

Now There is another option for its music lovers.

YouTube Music Premium Membership:

Music lovers can also take advantage of the premium membership. There are some exclusive features that YouTube Music can provide you if you go for the YouTube Premium Membership.
New Music Streaming Service: YouTube has called it a new service, so there must be something new to it.
No ads: Yes music with no ads.
Play YouTube in Background:
Download your music when you are offline .

This really sums up the YouTube Premium service. The cost of this service may vary according to demography . But you can always have YouTube Premium free for one month.

YouTube is providing the free membership while i am writing this article and if you want to try it out you can visit YouTube.

YouTube Premium Free:

When you login to your account in menu sectio you can easily find the option for the YouTube Premium membership.

youTube Premium free
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One more thing is good about the membership plan is that you can get a family membership also. This is valid for Six members at max. The members should be Age 13+ and belong to same household.

Last Take on YouTube Premium Membership:

We hope you find this articel helpful for YouTube Premium membership. This is a great feature youtube has rolled out. But there are some fatures that they must make free like YouTube in Bakcground. I think this is a important feature and it must be free for all users.

What is more important is that they providing a free trial for the membeship so you can actaully try YouTube Premium free for a month and then take a decisn to continue or not.

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