What is win32:malware.gen?

Win32:malware.gen Guide: A Computer is a useful tool for everyone who is on the planet right now. We can’t imagine the world without computers today. The main function of the computer is to make the life of human being easy.

Well, we all must have heard the term software, and it’s almost next to impossible to find the person who is not using any software knowingly or unknowingly. We all use computers, mobiles and what they work on is software. so you must be wondering what is software? the software is the set of instruction which when provided to a computer, it can solve the problem of human being. An example of software can be Move Ticket Booking software which allows us to book tickets by sitting at home.

There is a good and evil in everything in the world, software programs field is no exception to this. Like there are so many people who want to create good software programs to help people while at the other side there are people, who are interested to make use of programming to infect your computer and do you harm.

Now harming you could be enjoyble to the people known as hackers. They simply get fun out of doing it or some may want to steeal the valulable informaton of user. Sometimes it may results into the Money frauds.

The reasion i am explaining this to you because we are going to larn about how to tackle the hacker attach and remove unwanted evil softeare codes(Malware).

If you are in hurry, We have created a simple infographic for you at the end to understand win32:malware.gen quickly, Please have a look.


So what is malware?

A Malware is a term used for defining the Malicious Software programs. The evil software codes that can result in harming the users. The malware can harm users by just showing the pop massages to actually stealing the valuable and private information. some times this Malware can give the unauthorized access of your computer to the hackers.

What Is Win32 malware.Gen?

A win32:malware-gen is warning message shown on your computer when an antivirus program detects the unwanted malicious software program in your system. the win32: malware-gen is a special type of malware which is
 Generic Threat. The Generic Threats are suspicious software threats that antivirus program does not find in the standers threats database and marked as generic threats. hence when such Malware is found the warning message like win32:malware-gen  is detected on your computer.

Now you understand what is win32:malware.gen? but have you wondered how they entered your system or computer?

The answer to this question is simple. The Computer gets infected by Malwares in somany diffrent ways.

Ways by which system get infected with malware:

  • Downloading the malicious files from unauthorized websites.
  • Malware enters with infected USB Drives while data transfer.
  • Executable files and Scripts.

So these are some common ways your system may get affected by the malware and you may get the win32: malware.gen found on your device warning.

How to prevent the win32: malware-gen from entering the system?

Prevention is better than cure! it is what we have been listening to since childhood. This old saying can be applied to out prevent malicious software to get installed on computer.

By taking simple action like

  • By Scanning the files for malware before actually opening them. There are so many online and ofline tool that you can use scan your files.
  • By undrstanding the suspecious links and eamils which result in installing the malware.
  • By having a software Anti Virus will definetly make this task much easier.

But what if you dont like this mantra and your computer catually get infectedd with malicious software.and you are getting this
win32: malware-gen found in system warning?

How to Remove the win32:malware.gen from the computer?

To remove this malware user have to install the Antivirus Software. There are plenty of the anti virus softwares in the market. You can choose any one. we recomeed you to buy a anti vious software as it can help your system virous free.

But if you don’t want to purchase the anti-virus software, Then you can go for the free Antivirus software like  Panda Free AntivirusAvast Free or BitDefender Free Edition .

You can install any of these Antivirus Softwares and scan your pc for
win32:malware-gen and then remove it.


So this is all about the win32:malware-gen. The key takeaway will be to keep your computer malware free then you must be aware of different threats that can turn your computer form useful to a piece of plastic, fiber, and metal. Malware can affect you from just irritating pop-ups being shown on the computer screen to valuable private data stealing to gain access to your system.

Infographic by TheTechnicalGuru.com


Thanks for reading a guide to win32:malware.gen.

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