How to View Downloads in Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is one of the famous web browser in the world. Internet explore comes handy for most of the people. This browser was invented by the microsoft company. Today in this article we will learn how to view downloads in internet explorer?

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If you want to know the answer to this question then read this articel to very end. Lets start to guide on how to view downloads in internet explorer.

We hope that you have internet explorer installed on your computer. If you don’t have IE(Internet explorer) installed on the compute then please download the internet explorer first and install and then continue reading this article.

Now you must be having internet explorer on your pc. Just open the internet explorer. If you can’t find it on Desktop after installation, just Search for the word “Internet Explorer’ in Windows PC search.

Steps to view downloads in internet explorer.

Step1: Click on the IE logo and open the Browser.

Step2: Each browser has some settings and some useful options like history of search activity ,Save page etc. So user has to open this toolbar of a browser. In case of internet explorer, just Click on the Gear Icon which is located at Right hand corner of the browser, Just below the close button.

downloads in internet explorer
Image showing screenshot for the options

Quick Tip: If you open the IE and can’t find the gear icon the simply use shortcut to find the settings by [Alt]+[x] keys on the keyboard.

I hope you must have opened the settings by following the above given steps.

Step3: Now the next thing is to go the the downloads, To do this you will see options when you click on the gear icon. Choose the option “View Downloads”. When you clicks on the view downlaods then the new window gets open and you can see the downloads.

downloads in internet explorer

Quick Tip : If you want to quick access to the downloads page just use the shortcut by using the [Ctrl]+[J] keys,this will also open the same screen.

Step4: Now the next step is to actually open the file. As soon as you hit the [Ctrl]+[J] you will see your previously downloaded files. Just click on open option or Run option.

This two options depends on the type of file you are downloading. If the file is executable then the Run option will come in to the picture. Otherwise Open option is most common.

Last Take

See how simple it is to view the Downloaded files in the internet explorer. If you are reading this line then you must have been able to find the solution to your question, How to View Downloads in Internet Explorer? These are some of the simple steps you can follow to bring the downloads page.

We hope you liked this small guide on the How to View Downloads in Internet Explorer? if you have any other suggestion then you can let us know in the comment box.

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