How to loop youtube video

Recently we were watching a youtube video, we liked one of the video so much so that we descided to play that youtube video on repeat mode. We thought “This is a easy task”. But wait it is not as simple as it sounds doing on youtube. There is no repeat button on youtube to play youtube video in loop. So if you are also seeking an answer to how to loop youtube video then this articel is for you. By the end of this articele you will learn differnt tricks to play youtube video in loop.Lets get started.

So there are many ways you can play a youtube video in loop. So we are going to learn 4 ways by which you can play your favrite youtbe video in loop.

  1. By Using Third party website
  2. By Using Youtube Website
  3. By using third party apps
  4. by using Playlist

Lets start with the very first method that is by using thrid party website  ListenOnRepeat.

Method 1: loop youtube video using  ListenOnRepeat:

This is a third party website which plays any video form youtube in repeat mode by providing the video URL from the Youtube. You can easily take video url from Youtube.

To get the video URL just follow these steps

  1. Visit youtube
  2. Search your favrite video
  3. Then right click on the youtube video and select “Copy Video URL” option
  4. This will copy the video URL

Now just copy paste this video URL in the ListenOnRepeat website.

  1. Open listenOnRepeat website.
  2. Paste the URL in the Search box
  3. Hit enter and video will start playing in loop

You can refer the scereen shot below, it is taken from the same website.

 loop youtube video

This was the first method which we hope asnwers your question how to loop youtube video?. The good thing about this website that you can select a section of the video and play that in repeat.

Method 2: Loop YouTube video using YouTube :

By far this is the easiest way to play youtube videos in repeat mode. You just need to follow below steps.

  1. open youtube
  2. search your favrite video
  3. right click on the video
  4. Select Loop option from the list
 loop youtube video

this is how you loop youtube video using the Youtube website. Tell us how do you find this way.

Lets now move towards the next method.

Method 3: Loop Youtube Video using the Apps.

The best third party app for playing youtube video in repeat on android is Musepic app. This is simple app by using this you can play video on repeat.Follow the bellow given steps and you can easily make any video in repeat mode.

  1. Download the musepic app
  2. Serach the youtube video the app
  3. and play the video.

Using this method you can play any youtube video in loop. This app is available on playstore for free. You can upgrade the app to premium if you want.

Our most favrite method of so far for putting a video on loop is using the trick.

Method 4 :Loop video on youtube by adding to playlist.

Youtube allows us to create our own playlists. Createing a playlist is simple task. In this method you can add a youtube video to playlist and then click on repeat button to make it play on repeat a youtube app

#1: Search for the video

#2: Play your faverite video

#3: On top of the video you will see the add to playlist button

repeat a youtube video

#4: The video will get added to default playlist.

#5: Go to the playlist

youtube repeat button

#6: Select a video

#7: Under video there is small down arrow. click on it

how to loop a video on android

You will see a repeat button click on it,So this is how you will make this video in loop.

We hope by this method you find the answert to yout query. auto replay for youtube is possible if we use any of the above methods. YouTube has not proideed any repeat button. The reason youtube is not providing a repeat button could be ads performance and imact on the googles revenue. After all its all buisneess foe google.

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So youtube repeat button mightbe missing on the app or website users can still play there loved videos again and again. We have tried to cover as many possible methods to do the same. If you know any method that my be easy to do let us know in the comment section.

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