Create gmail account without phone-mobile number verification Guide

Hello, Today we are come up with yet another amazing awesome article which is about how you can create a Gmail account without phone number verification? Yes, you heard it right, we have written an in-depth post on this topic. Please read all the methods and try them out.

Before we move ahead, you must be wondering why we need multiple accounts. and why it requires the mobile Number to verify? we will answer all your doughts here. Make sure you read this article to the very end.

Why multiple gamil accounts are needed?

As we know today we see so many apps that allow discounts and offers for new users. To create a new account we need an email account. Many people create multiple accounts and sign up for the apps and websites to avail offers. It helps them to grab good discounts and save some money. Some apps can provide free apps and games with new accounts.

This could be just a simple example but there may be anything for that you might need a new Gmail account without phone number verification. All these methods can help make you a free email account without phone number verification.

But Why google ask for a phone number or mobile number while creating a new account?

Recovery: We are humans and we make mistakes. Yes, this is true as a human we are constantly working and evolving. Many times it happens that you create an account and you forget your password. If this account is very important for you and you just forgot your password, what will you do if you want to login back to the account?

That’s why Google asks for the phone number in case you forgot your password. It’s always better to have a phone number linked to the email account. This will help you recover the data of your account

Security: This is another reason Google wants you to enter the mobile number. They want to make sure it’s you an individual who is using the account. The mobile Number linked to your account can help you add more security by providing the 2-factor Authentification notification on your Mobile Number. Google can also send verification codes that can help you with more security to your account.

But this post is not about the importance of the mobile number verification for an email but make sure you take the correct design based on the above information.

So here we have found some working and very easy methods that you can use to bypass mobile verification in Gmail.

Now, here we would like to add a disclaimer

Some of the methods that are mentioned here are tried and tested like Method 1. While others are what we researched and found on the web. So we expect you to take action accordingly if you decide to create an account with one of the methods mentioned here. We are sharing all these methods for educational purposes.

Methods to Create Gmail account without phone number verification.

Here we are going to see different methods, some of them are little tricks and tips that you can use to create a Gmail. Make sure you read and understand all the methods and use them according to your needs. Some of the methods are good for creating one or two accounts while others are for those who want to create multiple accounts. Go to google search home page and create search new to create a new Gmail account.

#Method1: Create Gmail account without phone number verification by Skipping Mobile Number

By far this is the easiest method. Creating a new email account is easy by using this method. Just follow the below steps and in the end, you will create a new account.

  1. Add Your Basic Details

    Here you will ask to enter the basic details like your First Name, Last Name, Email id of your choice, etccreate gmail without phone verification

  2. Add Your Birth Date and Mobile No

    Now here is the important step,Here on this page, you will be asked to enter the mobile number, which is optional to enter. Means you can skip it. Just leave it blank. Tip: Please add a recovery email if you have any,this will help to recover the data of your account in the future.create gmail account without phone number verification 2019

  3. Accept the terms and conditions.

    This is a default step that each one has to follow. Accept the terms and conditions for using the Google service. Accept terms and conditions

  4. Use your account

    Now you will land on the account information page. Here you can do more setup for your account.Use your account without phone verification

Yeah, Bravo !! Look how simple it was to generate the new email account without phone number verification. If you follow the above steps then we hope you must have created a new Gmail account without mobile verification.

Here we want to mention that in the second step we asked you to put the Recovery email. The recovery email is an again an optional field and you can opt to not fill any data there. But as we said earlier it is beneficial for you if in future if you lost username or password you can find this recovery email very helpful to recover your account. so you can think about adding it there.

Also, you can enter one email as the recovery email for many new email accounts.

So we hope this method will work for you. But even if this doesn’t work we have a simple trick for you. If anyhow google does not allow you to create a Gmail account without the phone number verification then you can use the trick.

The trick: Enter age below 18 years or below 15 years

Generally, kids don’t have mobile devices in some countries. So you can actually select a dummy date of birth which will show your age as less than 15 or 18. This trick might help you to create a new account without a Mobile Number.

  • To apply this trick just at the time of picking your birthdate to add any date that will make your age less than 18 years.
  • Then follow the rest of the steps.
  • Create an account and use it.

Now even if this trick doesn’t work for you to bypass the email verification.

#Method2: Remove mobile number linked to an existing account

This method is quite tiresome. If you want to create a new account and google is however asking for the Phone Number for verification. Then this method is for you.

As discussed we know google wants us to add an email or phone number as a recovery email or phone number. If you have already added your phone number to any existing email address then follow the below steps to create an email account using an existing email.

Again this method is not exactly about bypassing the verification process. But it is about using the same mobile number for a new email.

Step1: Open an existing email account with a phone number linked.

email verification without phone number

Step2: Go to the Settings >> Security

make youtube account without mobile details

Step3: If there is a Phone Number already then remove it.

Create gmail account without phone verification

Step4: Now follow the steps to create a new Gmail account discussed above.

Step5: Enter Mobile Number which you have removed from the previous email.

generate gmail account without call details

Step6: Follow the rest of the steps like the above Method1. You will be able to use the same email for the new account.

Step7: Now you can remove the email or keep it for a new account.

So this was the method using which you can create many Gmail account that too using the single mobile phone number.

Here one thing you need to consider is that you can only add your mobile number to a single account at a time. You can’t add the same number again and again.

Hope this method works for you. If not then we have another method.

#Method3: Create Gmail without Phone Number using Temporary Mobile Number.

This is the third method by which you can create a new Gmail account.

Disposable mobile number aka Temporary Mobile Number:

Before we move to actually start the process of doing this task with the disposable mobile numbers, let’s first understand what is disposable mobile numbers.

Some websites provide temporary mobile numbers for use. They are valid for a few hours or days only created using the VoIP method. The temporary mobile number is then used for sending or receiving the SMS or call.

In our case we are can use this method to create a Gmail account using the disposable or temporary mobile number.

To use this service you can find many websites on the internet. Some websites can work for specific countries.

On such types of websites, you can find the number. Which you can use in the Mobile Number section of creating a Google account.

Follow the below steps to generate the verification code using the Disposal phone number.

#Step1: Go to create Gamil Account, Fill in your basic details.

#Step2: When google ask for the Phone number, Put a Temporary Number from the Website( depending on your country.

#Step3: Google will send the Verification Code to this number on the website that you can use for verification.

new free email without phone number

#Step4: You can skip unwanted steps.

create email without phone number

#Step5: The rest of the steps will be the same as the very first method.

This is how you can create a new email using the temporary phone number that will help you bypass the email verification.

Quick Note:

The only thing you have to take care of is that these numbers are temporary numbers and may be available for only a few hours. After that, they may get deactivated. Make sure you create your account quickly.

We are not listing any of the websites which provide temporary SMS service. You can easily google it and use it.

We hope this method helps you to create a Gmail account without a verification code.

If you are still not able to create an email account then read below we have another method that will help you generate an account.

#Method3: Create Email Account Without Phone Number Verification On Pc  Using VPN

This method is for the pc that is a personal computer. sometimes google does not allow users to create many accounts using the same IP address.

Using the VPN tools user can access the website by the same machine using different IP addresses.

By doing this you can create many Gmail accounts for using the same country.

There are many VPN tools out there. You can choose anyone and start creating Gmail accounts without verification of the phone number. Google chrome has the extension named “Hola VPN” you can try it out. But be well researched before installing and using this extension.

The Process of creating a Gmail account remains the same as method one. Each time google asks for a mobile number try changing the IP. It is been learned that google can restrict the use of a single IP for creating only five emails at max.

You can refer the method one after the installation of the VPN tool.

Don’t forget to change the IP address using the VPN tool if Google does not allow you to create a new account.

The last method which we are going to learn to generate free email without phone number verification is using the software tool.

#Method4: Create Gmail without a phone number using the software

Using this software, users can create accounts in bulk. This software is paid for and you have to buy it.

According to their website, they create bulk Gmail account with phone number verification.

We haven’t used this tool, Because we do not need to create many accounts. But you can visit their website by following the link and figure it out yourself.

Use this link to visit the Software tool:

I hope, This software can help you create email without a phone number verification. If not then let us know your problem we can definitely get back to you on the same.

So these were some methods of creating a new email account particularly a Gmail account. We have discussed the different methods in detail. We hope at least any of the methods will work for you.

Quick Tip: Every method is good, but we will recommend the very first method which is the simplest and safest one. Using this simple method you can create a new Gmail account.

If you want to learn from youtube then visit the youtube video linked below. Do you know you can embed youtube video in ppt as well?

Last few words:

We have tried to cover up most of the methods we find and research, but there are chances we might be missing something. Let us know if you know of any other method. Also, let us know in the comments box if you have successfully created a new account without phone number verification using any of the above methods.

Also if you know any other method we will love to learn and hear from you. Make sure you help us improve if you find anything wrong with our website this will be appreciated.

Thanks for visiting.

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