content:// Set Default Android Browser Homepage

content:// : How to setup browser homepage on android devices ? In this article we will see how to setup browser homepage on android com android browser home. We will also find the meaning of content //

What is content:// or content com android browser home

content // this is the code to setup homepage on phones browsers. For example if you open chrome browser, you can see there default homepage is but what about other browsers like internet explorer, Mozilla, opera and so many others. So, in this article we will see step by step guide to setup your favorite homepage on phones browser. Read the article carefully and implement all the steps with me you will learn what is content com android browser home .

Step By Step Guide To Setup content:// Default Homepage On Android Browsers –

  • Here i will show you two examples on different browsers, so you can setup your favorite websites homepage. The good thing about this settings is when we visit the particular website multiple times on daily basis. So we have to enter url every time, when we want to open websites. But because of content:// settings you can set website url to browser homepage.
  • Lets setup the browser homepage on google chrome browser. Check the below screenshot of google chrome browser which by default opens google homepage.
  • Now lets setup thetechnicalguru website url as homepage. You can setup any website homepage that you want it when you open the browser.
  • Now click on the menu icon, which is at the top of the browser on right hand side.
content //
  • Click on the settings and select Homepage option from the menu. Enter the url that you want to setup browsers homepage
    content:// .
content //
  • Click on the save settings and boom, now you have successfully setup homepage on chrome browser.
  • Now we will setup browser homepage on mozilla browser as well. According to the browser settings will differ. Check out below images step by step
  • Now open the firefox browser and click on the setting option which is located at the top of right hand corner of the browser.
  • After that click on customize homepage and enter the url that you want to keep the homepage when you open your browser. This is one of the easiest way to get the content com android browser home settings.
content //
content //
content //

Check out the video guide of content com android browser home

In this way we can setup content:// on any browser homepage. We hope you now have understood the meaning of content // and what it actually means.

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