How to loop youtube video

loop youtube video

Recently we were watching a youtube video, we liked one of the video so much so that we descided to play that youtube video on repeat mode. We thought “This is a easy task”. But wait it is not as simple as it sounds doing on youtube. There is no repeat button on youtube to … Read more

Tips on How to Keep Your Passwords and Usernames Secure In 2021

Today, the average person spends a considerable amount of time online every day. From studying to chatting with friends, viewing TV, shopping, banking, etc., there‚Äôs no limit to the number of tasks we can accomplish online. We generate lots of data when using the internet, which we protect with a password. The number of passwords … Read more

How To Create Youtube Account Without Gmail 2021

create youtube without gamil

Welcome to your guide on How To Create Youtube Account Without Gmail in 2021 Youtube is one of the most popular sources of entertainment nowadays. And unarguably the most popular platform for the videos as well. Well, you already know all these things, and you also know many other features of Youtube like subscription and … Read more

How to View Downloads in Internet Explorer

View Downloads in Internet Explorer.png

Internet explorer is one of the famous web browser in the world. Internet explore comes handy for most of the people. This browser was invented by the microsoft company. Today in this article we will learn how to view downloads in internet explorer? If you want to know the answer to this question then read … Read more

Different wallpaper for each monitor for windows

different wallpaper for each monitor windows 10

Different wallpaper for each monitor for windows: Productivity increases when people enjoy what they are doing. This is true and it makes a lot of difference when you enjoy what you do. But you can always do small things while working that may add more to your performance and may increase your productivity by doing … Read more