content:// Setup Browser Homepage On Android

content:// : How to setup browser homepage on android devices ? In this article we will see how to setup browser homepage on android com android browser home. What is content:// content:// this is the code to setup homepage on phones browsers. For example if you open chrome browser, you can see there default homepage […]

Is Dailymotion Safe to visit and use?

Is Dailymotion Safe

Is Dailymotion Safe? With power comes responsibility. This quote from spiderman movie applies to internet. The rapidly changing world with lots of technical advancements happening right now. Our world is truly changing superfast.This changes are making lives of people easy at the same time creating new challenges. The evolution of the internet leads to the use […]

What is win32:malware.gen?


Win32:malware.gen Guide: A Computer is a useful tool for everyone who is on the planet right now. We can’t imagine the world without computers today. The main function of the computer is to make the life of human being easy. Well, we all must have heard the term software, and it’s almost next to impossible […]