Golden Cydia – Get Paid Apps for free.

Golden Cydia: If you are using a mobile device you most probably using android or ios device and if you are an android or ios user then you must be aware of so many apps that come with it. Golden Cydia is such a app or you can access its website also.


So if you are ├║sing any smartphone then this guide will help you understand and use this app for getting the apps in your phone.

Golden cydia is app which works just like any other app store out there. Now if you don’t really know what a app store is then to give a perspective and example of it just think of Google Play Store. Which is nothing but a app store.

Now you must be thinking if we have google app store which pretty much have all apps on the platform why we bother about the Golden Cydia? so wait and read this peace of information so that you get what we are came up with.

As you must be aware of the fact that all apps which are available on the Google play store are free for all users. and also there are some of the apps which are not present on the google. Simply because Google has its own terms and conditions to display apps on its platform. If you love to play games and don’t want to pay the money to buy them then you can use Golden Cydia website to Download some of the paid games and apps on their official Website:

Now must have got the idea of the Golden Cydia app/website and hopefully have interest in it too.

What are the Features of this website and why you can think it as the alternative of the popuar app store mediums.

  1. It’s free-Yes this is free to use and download the Golden Cydia.
  2. You can use many apps and Games for free.
  3. Large collection of the apps
  4. Supports both android and ios platform.

How to Use the Golden Cydia website to Download the apps and game and mods?

First thing first, Golden Cydia does not support the Android platform. only ios os can support this app.

Quick Tip: If you land on the website mentioned below and find some unfamiliar language then use Google Translate Or any translation tool.

Steps to get Golden Cydia app:

  • First, open the Safri Browser and Type in store.goldencydia. org
  • Now you will find many apps on this website, you can directly download those apps but you can do it through the golden Cydia app as well. So find Golden Cydia app in the list and Click Green button.
  • Wait till it gets downloaded and installs the app as you do with other apps.
  • and now you are having this app on your device search for the apps you want to install.

Tremendous apps and games are being added on internet. Each user has a different test of these apps. But some of the games are standing out in the continuous race and users are appreciating them. Some of those apps can are subway surfers, Pokemon go, Minecraft etc. Using Golden Cydia store users can use some of these apps.

Above mentioned games have some mods, now what is a mod? Mod is modified version of the game. Many people modify games to personalise the experience of paying the games. a example of this mod will be unlimited power for subway surfer.

So this was about the golden cydia store and Procedure to download the app on the iphone.

Using this app you can find popular games like subway surf, Golden Cydia Minecraft pe. Pokemon go is also available on the Golden Cydia. If you want to download the Golden Cydia Pokemon Go then you can use the app just installed and follow this process.

  • Open the Golden Cydia app
  • Then Search for the Pokemon GO.
  • Hit the Green Button to Begin the Download.
  • Install the app and use it.

Look how simple and easy to use Golden Cydia app for Getting the paid apps and Games for free. There are so many advantages and Good things about this app but there are some things which you need to understand about using this Store.GoldenCydia.org website and App.

The most important thing is the Security and Authority of this app. Play store apps like google play store or apple app store are trusted by users blindly because they deliver the trust. But you can always think about using Golden Cydia websites and apps to get apps for free.

Final words about Golden Cydia:

At last who don’t want to get something free. Many people can’t afford expensive games and don’t want to spend money on buying apps and games. So for some people this can be a great source of getting free apps and games.

We hope you like this article. Golden Cydia is usefull app and can help you get some apps for free. Please let us know your experience with this app in the comment section below.

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