How to download and use wateapps(whatsapp )?

Today’s high speed internet world has brought people lossure and made them connected. Today people have smartphones loaded with apps that can instantly make you connect with your loved ones. One of the app is whatsapp,some people mistakenly spells it wateapps. So in this article we are going to learn about the wateapps which is nothing but the famous whatsapp. So what is Wateapps?

Disclaimer: This article is for people who search whatsapp with wrong spelling like wateapps. We find this and want help people download the whatsapp app ,please read this if you are one of the person who search for wateapp instead whatsApp.

What is wateapps(Wateapps)?

what is wateapps

As i said earlier some people while typing the whatsapp make spelling mistake and type wateapps. When people search for the watewapps they most probably searching for the whatsapp app which is so popular in world. wateapps is nothing but wrong spelling for the whatsapp. So in this articel we are going to learn about whatapp and how you can use this app.

How to download whatsapp not wateapps?

If you want to download whatsapp there are no big efforts. As this app is famous and used by over a billion people. Also this app so userfaindly that people can’t think of the new options when come to the choice of using this app.

So to Downaod the whatsapp you just need to go the PlayStore app on your andoroid device and search for whatsapp or you can search for
wateapps in this case you most problity get the whatsapp as a first search result.

Just download the app and wait till whatsapp gets installed on the device.

How to configure the Whatsapp?

After installing the whatsapp correctly you need to configure the app first. Before you start to use the app you need to provide the details like your name,Mobile No etc.

First Step: Verify Phone no

Next step: Your Name and Photo

That’s all, You will find somany well written articles on the process of installing the app on the Mobile. We are not going to talk about the process here as we have decided to keep scope of the article limited to just clarifying the doubt of wrong spelling that is wateapps.

We are not going to deep in the process of setup of whatsapp.

So We hope you must have got the answer to the question what is wateapps? Which is nothing but the wrong spelling for the Whatsapp. We hope this articel help you in a better way. This articel was not really needed but we desided to write it for the people who are searcing whatsapp with wateapps.

Thanks for reading and visiting us.


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